Intelligent Enterprises Platform

Platform Capabilities

An end-to-end IoT platform enabling customers and partners to build applications that save money, increase revenue, and offer new services that improve energy efficiency, space utilization, productivity, and user experience.

  • Deploy a mesh of networked IoT sensors that capture and process high-density data from your buildings. Integrate with your existing building energy usage data to gain insights.

  • Enable customer IT departments and an ecosystem of partners to access value-add data derived from rich analytics running on the edge and on the cloud

Platform APIs

  • The Indoor Positioning API provides indoor position metadata collected from mobile devices running an application using the GE Indoor Positioning SDK. Mobile device indoor positions are presented as Cartesian coordinates (X, Y, and Z), orientation angle, and duration in seconds.

  • The Enterprise Environment API provides indoor environment metadata collected continuously from sensors installed with intelligent lighting fixtures in a building. Supported sensor data includes carbon dioxide, humidity, Illuminance, occupancy, and temperature.

  • The Project Haystack API enables access to building data that conforms with the Project Haystack ( data tagging open. Supported points include carbon dioxide, humidity, Illuminance, occupancy, and temperature, lighting status, and HVAC status.

Reference Apps

Find Room App

The Intelligent Enterprise’s Find Room app does exactly as it says, you can now more quickly determine what room is available based on current occupancy. You no longer need to run around the corner or up the stairs to find an available room. With Current’s occupancy sensors you have the Find Room App for immediate value out of the box that uses the same APIs your developers or partners can use. Take our data much further with our partners to provide solutions to solve productivity problems.

IPS Dashboard

With the value of Indoor Positioning from Current you are now able to improve customer experiences and better measure operational metrics that impact your dynamic business. Build-in better decision making data or simply delight your customers. With positioning and other sensor data you can understand movement throughout your stores or offices. Map user movement, understand their dwell times and set automatic triggers.

Example applications of Current’s Indoor Positioning System data:

  • Ensure that your staff knows when checkout lines are taking too long – send out messages to open up another register.
  • When a VIP shopper arrives great them and alert your staff immediately … and pull up their recent purchases and shopping lists (clienteling)
  • Optimize store and office spaces by knowing how often they are used and by whom.
  • Enable product information look up by using context and proximity filters – implied interest by recent searches and facing the product on the shelf for 30 seconds … offer more information to aid my purchase decision.
  • Know where your tools and assets are so that you can save time and get more use out of them when they are available. (ladder, scanner, staff, etc..)

Business Partnerships

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      Independent Software Vendors who provide solutions such as meeting room management, operational space utilization and planning, real-time alerts for customer assistance, proximity based marketing, and inventory management for commercial and industrial customers.
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      Have cloud based applications and want to consume Current data streams.
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      Access to real-time and near real-time data insights from a comprehensive sensor platform.
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      Channel to market across Current’s enterprise deals.
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      Dedicated resources for smooth and easy integration assistance.
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      Opportunity to influence our development cycles to create additional value and capability.